Data Analytics

Modern BI-environments and processes finally enable genuine analytics, i.e. the discovery of findings based on actual source data. Scalable storage and memory-based processing must however be combined with accurate and consistent handling of data structures and metadata to safeguard the original meaning of data. It is precisely on these foundations that Ineo’s proven high-performance services for process-, data- and personal-data analysis are based. 

With the help of our SaaS services (deployed in your own tenant) we reveal the real state of your ERP processes, their performance, and the user or data related root causes of recurring disturbances. With these insights, the effective interventions, development activities or changes can be planned and verified. 

One application area to highlight is the profiling and analysis of GDPR Personal Data. Ineo’s eDiscovery GDPR analysis services offer comprehensive visibility over the physical personal data content, types, age and accrual in your entire file storages or for instance CRM- and HR databases.  A future key application area for these services is tackling ESG relevant master data management and connecting ESG related data points at scale.  We offer market-leading capabilities in these areas providing you exceptional understanding of your own data baseline.

Ineo has been developing methodologies and delivered analytics solutions for process- and data-analytics for over 15 years and our services make use of the newest Signavio SAP analytics as well as PowerBI and data-platform tools.  The programmatic use of metadata is an integral part of our operation and we also support our clients in improving the governance and scalability of their system environments with solutions such as SAP Data Intelligence, Azure Purview or Apache Atlas.