Data Migration and Process and Data Analytics

Leading cloud-based ERP capabilities provide core processes with a cost efficient generic set of functionalities. Currently, it is difficult to achieve any competitive advantage through custom-made ERP-solutions.  

The shift to cloud services extends the role of data.  The execution of individual use cases is controlled with data, emphasizing the requirement for error-free input and the determining effect of the data. In practice this means that the relevant data needs to be combined/set correctly, in order to achieve the desired outcome.

The set-up of the controlling data is performed by applying master- and application data (ADM) subject to the hereditary structure needed to generate the defined business transactions.  The transparency, replicability and automation of business processes is fully dependent on this being successful.

With respect to data, cloud solution delivery models seem over simplified and contract models leave the customer with responsibility for all data content and transactional applications. This means that the substance and importance of process-/data analytics and migrations changes decisively (towards the critical). The data development effort is a necessary customer contribution to the success of the cloud migration, which will determine the actual benefits and business automation level that are achieved. 

Ineo is a member of the SAP and Microsoft ecosystems and offers profound knowledge of data management. We participate in our clients’ SAP S4/Hana, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other ERP implementations and migrations.

Toimitamme kehittyneisiin menetelmiin ja työkaluihin perustuvia Datamigraatiopalveluita ankkuroiden palvelut Prosessi- ja Data- analytiikkaan. Yhdistämme eri toimittajien kyvykkyyksiä ja Data Platform- teknologiaa suorituskykyisen ja ajantasaisena pysyvän migraatioinfrastruktuurin varmistamiseksi

Muodostamme ymmärryksemme migraatiohaasteesta analysoimalla, mallintamalla sekä simuloimalla liiketoiminnan prosessisuorituksia. Käytämme korostuneesti tapahtumalokeja avuksemme jotta pystymme rakentamaa liiketoiminnan kannalta olennaista perus- ja konfiguraatio-dataa sekä tarkoituksenmukaisia käyttötapauksia.