Master Data Management (MDM)

The key to operational efficiency is fit-for-purpose master data management that enables the replicability, accuracy and automation of business transactions.  

Past MDM assignments demonstrate that achieving well functioning master data management is exceedingly difficult.  The greatest challenges relate to provisioning shared master data that is fit for use without case-specific manipulation. 

There is no general expression, golden record, of the master data but rather the correct application is always scenario specific and determined by the system that calls for the master data.  As a new phenomenon we have observed that, just as best-practice capabilities are seen to solve process related needs, generic expert systems or services are now seen to resolve the need for master data management, however without consideration to the customer specific architecture. Consequently, Data Platforms are now expected to solve any & all other master data modification or amendment needs.  

The experience from the past 10 years is that the key to MDM success is an end-user-centric modelling methodology, which recognizes that an organization’s data stewardship in practice is assigned to generalist business-line operators.  The methodology further must take into account the needs of long-processes crossing system boundaries.

This leads to use cases that guide and assist the user and result in accurate, consistent, comprehensive and contextually correct data sets. The integration channel contains the correct interpretations of the information for the subscribing systems. The intended meaning of data is shared with all the applications participating in a process without traditional integration challenges, which leads to error-free processing and automation.   

We resolve challenges related to master data management by applying technologies from SAP, Azure data platform and Ineo 3MDM.  Key to success is our deep expertise in ERP systems, coupled with our capabilities in process- and data analytics. Our method of work combines a full view of information and architectural requirements together with legal and compliance requirements.

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