The state of digitalisation in Finland / Digibarometre 2015

Digitalisation is transforming our society at an incredible pace. It is affecting consumers, companies and the public sector, but it is not enough simply to digitalise functions in order to be competitive. Digitalisation must be realised as a way of obtaining true competitive advantage, i.e. as a way of creating new businesses not possible without this type of technology. Jukka presents the recently published Digibarometre, which shows that the country has rapidly bridged the gap between Finland and the leading countries in digitalisation, but, among other things, still finds a relatively weak state of ecommerce.

In addition, Jukka provides valuable information about the ‘Internet of Things’, which is perceived as, strategically, the most important matter among the member companies of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries. Executives ponder the same questions about input-output relationship, possible vendor locks and customers’ thoughts. Internal silos are considered a big challenge, with concern over the inability of many companies to take full advantage of their own internal resources. At the same time the Internet of Things is a huge opportunity for Finland.