Yours sincerely 2015

Four Perspectives on Digitalisation and Creating Data-based Competitive Advantage

In early summer 2015 Finnish executives gathered into a fully booked seminar in the Microsoft Talo to hear presentations about digitalisation. During the seminar four experts approached digitalisation from four different angles, paying particular attention to the role of data within each approach. The presentations were recorded and are available in Finnish via the links below.

Not only do well-known organisations lay down benchmarks for the others to follow, they also share their experiences and provide fascinating examples of the new business opportunities available through digitalisation.

It is widely believed that the next wave of digitalisation will be led by data and algorithms. Finnish business cannot lag behind, nor can it accept just one mode of agile development. We must aim to build and develop platforms for both domestic and global companies.

Digitalisation is about understanding the importance of data in advance, building the right kind of systems and architectures, and creating processes so that data can be turned into a competitive advantage. To achieve this we must engage in a continuous process of iteration and learning, appreciating that the objectives are continuous and constantly evolving. Decisions must be based on information and customer understanding – not on assumptions!

IT’s new mode of operation, where solutions are developed for consumers not customers or users, requires that we take data management to a whole new level. Internal information in different systems must be harnessed to create a unified user experience to be delivered at the optimum moment. The consumer must be provided with the seamless integration of external and internal information.

The question is: how are we to provide this integrated experience where all information is combined in the language of the service provider? The answer to this, as well as discussions about these new requirements, are given in the presentations below.

The seminar was organised in co-operation with Ineo, a specialist in master data, and the Nordic ICT consulting company, KnowIT.

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